Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm on a downward spiral & I can't stop...

It started about a week ago, I have been binging for about a week now & I can't seem to stop!!  I have gained EIGHT pounds in a freaking WEEK, heck actually less than a week!!  I don't know what to do to stop myself.  I have been hiding it from my husband too. I'm out of control & I know I need to stop but I can't seem to stop myself......what am I going to do???  I don't want to continue down this path, especially since I've done so good for so long!! Why am I doing this to myself????  I went SIXTY THREE days following the program & now I'm all derailed....I'm sorry to let all of you guys down as well :( 

Ugh, I need to get it together.................


  1. Oh Candi! :(

    Do you know what started it?

    I've never been a binger, so I really can't help. Except to try and take it one bite, one decision at a time. Just try and get back to regular meals only. Just for right now. Don't look into the future; just live as best as you can for the right now.

    1. Girl I love this! I always say take it one meal at a time. Just because you've flubbed this meal doesn't mean you have to flub up the next meal, but I like your advice of taking it one BITE at a time even better! Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Hang in there Candi. Being objective you at least know why you're gaining, which means you know you can fix it. I'm up 7lbs in 2 weeks despite sticking to the plan and increasing my gym/exercise!

    Seems to be a tough time for it though, several blogs I read are facing similar issues right now. Gotta be something in the spring air.

    Sounds overly obvious but you need to try and detach yourself from the guilt & panic from the bad eating and not judge yourself. Your own idol Tiffany posted a great blog once about judging yourself and its negative effects, maybe go read that again?

    You've also mentioned you've been incredibly busy with work & school lately. Stress plays such a big part in what we're trying to achieve. Know that we just need to ride out the storm and as long as the determination is still there, we'll recover from whatever damage was done.

    1. Ben, thank you so much for the encouragement. I hate that you have gained even when sticking to your program, could it be muscle weight? I say stick to it. Tiffany had several plateau's & she just stuck to her guns & stayed her course & eventually it broke & she started losing again. I'm glad you're reading her posts, she's so great! Thanks for the encouragement!