Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 63 March is here...(Weekly Weigh In, late)

So March is here & I know I've been MIA on my posts but school is a little hectic.  This is our last week before spring break & it's a doozy so I'll try to catch up today.

Weekly weigh in for Sunday - nothing new to report, holding steady at 266.  No gain, but no loss either & that's just become unacceptable, this "plateau" is going on way too long & I know that it's my fault. 

And it's the beginning of a new month so that means it's time to review my "goals" for February & set some new ones for March so here goes:

February's goals:

  • I plan to continue with my fruits and vegetables. I'd like to try to get in at least 3 servings of fruit & 5 servings of vegetables each day. I'd say I met this one about half of the time & it's not really from a conscious effort, sometimes I get them in by what I eat for the day & sometimes I don't. 
  • I want to incorporate exercise into my week. My goal for February is to exercise 3 times a week. No time limit, just three times a week for every week in February. Ugh big FAT fail on this one, unless of course I can count clinicals 2 days a week (definitely lots of walking that I'm not used to).  This semester kicked my butt as far as time was concerned so this one didn't happen.  Fortunately though it's about to slow down so I think I'll try this one again, plus the weather is getting warmer & that's always great.
  • I'd like to plan some menu's so that I can get a better grip on my eating in the evenings since school has started back. Hmm, I didn't really use any new meals that I made up, but I did continue to use the great ones I got from Runs for Cookies, so maybe that's a half accomplished?
  • And lastly I'd like to weigh 260 by the end of the month. Unfortunately that one did NOT happen.  I've been steady now at 266 for the past two weeks & I am over it.  This one has got to get kicked in the bootay! 

So on to my goals for March:

  • Exercise!!! I know I've said it before, but this time I'm serious!!  Again, my goal is to exercise 3 times a week, minimum of 20 minutes each time. 
  • Track/get in my water every day.  I have REALLY been slacking on my water. 
  • Not eat out more than once a week.  This last week I have eaten out WAY too many times & now that my schedule should be easing up I want to go back to more healthy, home cooked meals.
So those are my goals for March.  I think I'm going to print these out & put them several different places around my house, say one of my bathroom mirror, one on the fridge, one in my car somewhere as a reminder of what I'm supposed to be doing. 

Now I'm off to do more paperwork for school.  How did everyone else do for February?  Did you meet your goals?  I hope so!!

Later gator!

Previous weight 266
Current weight 266
-0 lb
Total weight loss to date
-17 lbs


  1. Hi Candi!

    Same problems here, re plateau, eating out too much, and not enough fresh veggies and fruit. We can do this!

    1. Yep, we've come this far! Sometimes life just gets in the way of our good planning :)

  2. My February was pretty disappointing, but I'm ready to get everything back on track! I definitely hope March brings a greater loss! Looks like you have some great goals! Good luck!

    1. Girl we'll get back on track together, I hate that I'm off track at all....

  3. Hey Candi,

    Great that you're objective and honest about past goals and looking to the future. I can sympathise with the busy factor interrupting things for sure.

    I'd love to get your thoughts on my latest post, similar position but with added frustration due to some recent happenings.

    1. I will check it out for sure. Sorry I've been MIA on everyone's blogs I've just been super busy with school & life, but I will try to catch up.

  4. Hi Candi. I am new to your blog. I think it is great you making these monthly goals. I think I try to look too far ahead with my goals and sometimes it is overwhelming that way.

    1. Hey Katrin! Thanks for reading my blog. I agree that sometimes big goals just seem too unattainable. Smaller goals that you can achieve faster have a way of giving you that gratification you need to keep you motivated.

  5. When life gets busy it becomes harder to keep our priorities straight- the problem with that is, life is going to be busy 90% of the time. You can do this- I know it!

    1. Girl, I needed a little bit of tuff love, thanks for the reminder. :)