Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April is Here...

So March has come & gone & unfortunately my weight has not.  Meaning I have not gained nor lost since my last post & just about since the beginning of March.  Still hanging out at 268.  While I'm happy to not have gained, I am a bit bummed with myself that I haven't lost any weight.  Of course it's my own fault.  I haven't made weight loss a priority this month. 

This morning I was laying in bed thinking of my goal of 100 lbs this year & I started to get a little down on myself but then I realized that I still have NINE months left in this year & I can't give up now!!  Just because March was a bust doesn't mean I have to go back to my old thinking & give up.  I have proven to myself that I CAN do this when I put my mind to it, and right now I just need to put my mind BACK to it.  One month does NOT a failure make, right?  I just have to get back on the horse. 

I know I'm overdue for a weekly weigh in & my April goals are due so I will get on them asap & get them posted, as well as revisiting my March goals.  Although I'm preeeety sure I didn't do too swift on those. 

Good news is school is almost out, 4 more weeks!!  I'm happy b/c this is supposed to be our hardest semester, so I'll be glad to get it done & over with. 

Anyhoo, how is everyone else doing?

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  1. Doing well, and have missed you...wondering how you were doing. Usually being blog absent is not a good sign. :( Glad to have you back!