Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Weigh In...

So my husband has caught the "Insanity" bug.  Like I said in the last post, he's in pretty good shape already & has decided that he's going to give these workouts a try and so far he's doing pretty good.  He found a girl on youtube that does them & records herself & while she's recording them you can see what the people in the videos are doing too.  He's been doing really great & he said that the workouts are REALLY hard.  By the time he's done he's dripping with sweat.  I'm really proud of him.  Have I started doing them too?  Uh no thanks.  BUT what I have started doing is some yoga.  Have you guys seen the video of the guy who lost 140 lbs doing yoga?  If not you should watch it, it's really inspiring if you haven't seen it I've posted it for you :D.  Even if you're not interested in yoga, he's still a great inspiration of what happens when you never give up. 
How many time have we started this weight loss thing & then given up?  How many times have we looked back six months later & thought "Man if I had only just stuck with it where would I be now?"  Well this guy stuck with it & what a difference it made. 
So, I decided that doing a little yoga might help me with my creaking bones give me a little flexibility.  I have to say though, it's a bit harder than I originally thought.  So far I've only done some starter workouts, they're about 20 minutes long but dang it takes some good balance to do those suckers!  You know what I would really love to do? The couples acroyoga.  Have you seen that?  It's FANTASTIC!  Of course you'd have to have a partner willing to do it.  I don't know though, once I lose a bit more weight, I bet I could talk my husband into it, lol.  If you haven't seen that then check out this video, it's so cool. 

Serously how cool is that?  But anyway, I guess my post for today is about finding something & just doing it.  Even if you change it up & do something else, just do SOMETHING.  Today was yoga, tomorrow may be something else, but at least I'm moving my body. 
And now to the weekly weigh in. This morning I was back down to 268, so that's a 2 lb loss from last week where I was up 2 pounds.  I'm tired of this stall & yo-yoing and I am hoping for a much better number next week.  How about you guys?  How are you doing?

Previous weight 270
Current weight 268
- 2 lb
Total weight loss to date
-15 lbs


  1. Also +/-ing 1-2lbs each week, for a month now. One week I'm 255, next week I'm 258, then I'm 254, then I'm 257... feels like I'm not getting anywhere, despite consistently improving exercise and food habits regularly.

    1. Yeah it totally sucks!! I'm so over this weight, I'm ready to get out of the 260's!