Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 100!

I can't believe I'm at day 100.  Of course I'm not where I was hoping to be at this point but you know what? I'm getting back on track & I can't wait for my weigh in this Sunday. 

Today I want to talk about dieters & their visions.  As you all know my favorite dieter is Tiffany over at Victorious Eating, Thinking & Weight Loss who has lost over 175 lbs the RIGHT way.  She has incorporated diet & exercise into her life & over 3 years has taken the weight off sensibly.  She is my inspiration for sure.  But you know what I love most about Tiffany?  It's how real she is.  She admits that she is just doing what works for HER.  She doesn't try to shove her "way" down your throat.  She knows that what worked for her may not work for everyone and she's just a very supportive person.  In this world of dieting everyone has their own way of doing things & instead of trying to push your way onto others I think we should all just encourage each other in our own ways.  My 2nd favorite blogger is Katie over at Runs for Cookies and boy does that girl run AND eat some cookies!  I love that she admits that she does all of this so that she can enjoy a treat every now & then.  That's what it's about people.  It's not about following a crazy diet where you only eat one type of food, it's about everything in M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N! If you want to eat a cookie then eat a cookie, but work it into your plan.  Don't eat a BAG of cookies.  If you like bread then switch to a healthier version, don't just say that all wheat is the devil.  Do what works for YOU and realize that what works for you may not be what works for everyone. 

Both of those bloggers have lost well over 100 lbs & they did it their way & that is what I love best about them. That is why they inspire me to be a better me and they encourage me to do things that I may not necessarily want to do (like exercise)!  Those bloggers who are just chugging along doing their own things & being an inspiration to others, those are the bloggers that I like to follow & I highly recommend if you don't follow their blogs that you get on over there asap & read them, you WILL be inspired, I promise!! 

Hope everyone is enjoying this spring weather as much as I am!!


  1. I am inspired by Katie of Runs for Cookies too. I hope to transform myself for good and inspires others. Congrats on the milestone. Wish you all the best!


  2. Hi Candi! I hear what you're saying. I'll check out their blogs.

    Personally though, I've had quite a few readers who have really turned their lives around for health and have been very thrilled about it--by following my rather strict advice. They tell me many thank yous because they get wonderful results--super fitness improvement or weight loss--from my advice. So I keep saying it straight for the people who are eager for that. I don't think any one blog has all of the answers or even the same set of readers.

    You must listen to what will help you change to be healthier. If these blogs make you eat better and exercise more, just wonderful!

    :-) Marion