Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 41 Weekly Weigh In...

First of all can I just say that I can hardly believe it's been FORTY ONE days since I've been blogging about this journey?  This in and of itself is an accomplishment! I started this journey on December 18, 2012.  Just a random day that I decided, "I'm going to lose weight starting today", and I did it.  I made the decision to start & I can hardly believe that here I am still going strong more than a month later!!  Not to toot my own horn, but I am really proud of myself!! 

On to today's weigh in.  I didn't expect anything really spectacular when I stepped on the scale this morning b/c Friday I had a little double Mexican fiesta.  After I left school on Friday afternoon some of my classmates & I decided to go to Chuy's for a Tres Leche cake.  Ok, first of all, have you ever had this?? If not, I HIGHLY recommend it.  It was SO delicious, and that sucker was HUGE!!! 

Seriously, even in this picture you can't tell how big it really is.

But, I didn't eat the whole thing, nope, I cut it in half & only ate half of that deliciousness.  The total calorie count that I found online was 460 calories, so basically I had 230 calories just in that cake alone.  Now that wasn't too bad, but then I also had some chips & salsa/guacamole & their creamy jalapeno dip.  Again, if you've never had the creamy jalapeno dip, highly recommend it. 

This is totally what I would have been doing had I been alone in that restaurant!

Ok I know you're thinking "Well that's not too bad Candi, don't worry about it."  Well, guess what?  Then about 2 hours later my husband comes home from work & he's like "What's for dinner? Why don't you call & order us some Mexican food?"  Welllllll, technically I didn't really have dinner the first time, we just had some snacks after class, right?  So, I proceeded to order two crunchy beef tacos & some cheese dip (of which I ate most of) & then ate again. Now I have to admit, 2 crunchy tacos still isn't that bad compared to what I would have eaten prior to starting this weight loss journey, so honestly I still didn't feel too bad.

Anyhoo, after Friday night I really tried to keep it under control yesterday & I did pretty good.  I'm pretty sure I stayed under my 1700 calorie allotment, and so I got on the scale this morning & voila still at 268 lbs, which I'm totally ok with.  Honestly I was happy not to see a gain. 

So, for this week I'm logging no loss/no gain, but I'm ok with that.  I'm living a normal life & sometimes that includes eating Mexican food twice in one day!!

How about everyone else? How did you do this week??

Previous weight 268
Current weight 268
-0  lb
Total weight loss to date
-15 lbs


  1. Candi, some days are diamonds - some days are can get back on track and hopefully see a loss next week!!

    XO Sylvia

    1. Yep, I'm not stressing over it in the least, I know that next week will be better & I don't look at it as getting off track, some days are just less strict than others :)

  2. I think you're doing great! That little girl is PRECIOUS!!! is she your daughter?

    1. Nope lol. That is one of the pictures that came up when I googled Chuy's jalapeno dip, it's just that good!! I do have a precious daughter though.

  3. Even a tiny loss is a loss :) Go you!

  4. I definitely agree that even if you're losing weight, you have to continue to live your life. Whenever I've been too strict with myself is when I totally fall off the wagon. Amen to you for all the Mexican, it sounds fabulous!! And no gain is always a good feeling.

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out at the link below to get your questions!


    1. Thanks for the award! I actually just did a Liebster so I may do an abbreviated version of it if that's ok :)

  5. I'm new at blogging. Just looking at some blog for encouragement. Enjoyed your posts. Since you did indulge at least cutting it in half is good. My problem is when I do that then I still want the rest and it makes me keep wanting sugar. I usually need to totally avoid it or I'm totally off track.