Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 49 Yogurt taste test...

Ok so I know I have professed, probably on more than one occasion, my love for Noosa yogurt, but now I am on a search for a new yogurt.  NOT because I don't still loves me some Noosa, but mainly b/c Noosa is kinda expensive. 

I don't do fat free/sugar free yogurt, I hate the taste of those yogurts.  I eat the full fat/flavor ones & just treat them like a treat & count the calories.

So the search has begun & here's what I've tried so far:

Fage - So far I tried the one with honey in it & all I can say is YUM! That one is a great choice & so far I think it's a little cheaper than Noosa, but about the same amount of calories. I have the berry one in my fridge still.

Liberte (Mediterranee) Yogurt - Great taste, not as thick as Noosa & Fage (I love the thicker ones) BUT it was a smaller portion & the calories were WAY higher for the size, uh no thank you.
Muller Fruit Up - First of all, when I bought this I didn't realize it was lowfat, therefore it had that sachharin-y taste that is the reason that I don't eat low-fat/low-sugar yogurts so that was its first detractor.  Second it had some really thick fruitish stuff on top that I didn't really care for, and although it was thicker it was mainly b/c of that fruit more so than the yogurt, so this one is definitely out.  I didn't even finish eating the blueberry bliss one. 

So there you have my latest yogurt hunt.  Now that I know I like the Fage I think I'm going to have to sit down & figure out if it really is less expensive than the Noosa or not.  If so then I think I've found my new yogurt.  If not then I'll keep shelling out the $2.40 for my 8 oz of Noosa & be happy about it.  We'll see...

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  1. I'm starting to try new yogurts too. Right now I'm liking greek yogurt for taste and the protein.