Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekly Weigh In....and some measurements

Today is my weekly weigh in & although I didn't hit my end of the month goal of 269 by January 31st, today is even better! Today I am down 2 more lbs for a total loss, since December 18, 2012, of 15 lbs!!!! Woohoo!!  Very excited. 

Only 5 more lbs until an after picture!! I can't wait to see if I can tell the difference.  I know I can tell the difference in this one pair of jeans that I own.  I was wearing them yesterday & they were so super baggy.  Of course they've always been a little big, but yesterday was ridiculous, in a good way of course. 

I also took a few measurements to compare to last month, so here goes:

Neck 15 1/2 inches (previous 16 -1.5 inches)
Bust 49 3/4 inches (previous 50 1/2 inches -.75 inches)
Hips 57 inches (previous 58 inches -1 inch)
For a total of inches lost in those places of 3.25 inches. 

Yesterday was a great day for eating, as a matter of fact I'll go ahead & post it. I wish I had taken a picture of the chicken that I made, it was SO delicious!!  My family loved it.

Nothing (I didn't feel too hungry for breakfast so I skipped it)

2 beef tacos from a mexican restaurant
1/2 serving of chips/salsa/cheese dip
Estimated 580 calories

Shredded chicken with fajita seasoning and green chiles
3 taco shells (I guess yesterday was mexican food day)
Calories 342 (3 taco shells only had 150 calories!!)

Noosa Honey flavored yogurt
2 c. Golden Puff cereal
1.5 c. 2% milk
Calories 753

I still love cereal at night.  It's my favorite nighttime snack/dessert.  Sooo, I guess today officially starts the beginning of the week & I am going to seriously try to get in my 3 work outs this week.  I would say that walking the halls in clinical should count, but the floor is soooo slow that I really can't even count that as exercise. 

Anyhoo, that's my weekly weigh in, super excited about it, I hope everyone else is doing well!!

Previous weight 270
Current weight 268
- 2  lb
Total weight loss to date
-15 lbs


  1. That is amazing! The pounds are just coming off for you :)

  2. Woo hoo!! You are doing amazing!!! Don't you just love the inches coming off as well?

    1. Thanks! I wish I could get more excited about inches, but they just don't mean as much to me as lbs. I guess when I start going down in sizes they will though :)

  3. Great job! Thanks for the info on the taco shells. lol..I love taco shells. Keep it up!

    1. Girl I was so happy about that. Especially when just ONE burrito shell was over 200 calories. So I could have either had one burrito or three tacos. I'll take quantity any day ;)

  4. You are doing great! Keep up the good work!

  5. Great work!

    Inviting you to link up at Weighing In Weekly, if you are interested! :D

    Diana from Nanny to Mommy