Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 10, Almond Joy Oatmeal!

Good day mates! Don't ask why I said that...just being my dorky self. 

Anyhoo, so I've recently been obsessivly stalking reading Katie's blog over at Runs for Cookies and I ran across her post regaling her love for oatmeal.  Now, mind you she doesn't love just your plain, run of the meal type of oatmeal, she's all into sprucing it up.  She has many great recipes over on her recipe page here if you want to check them out.  Well, her recipe page got my brain juices flowing & this morning I decided to come up with an oatmeal concoction of my own!  I give you "Almond Joy Oatmal".  This was probably the easiest thing I have come up with so far, well besides the Mexi Omelet I made yesterday for breakfast, YUM! And unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of it, but just picture a bowl of oatmeal & there you go :)  So, here's the "recipe", if you can call it that.

1/2 cup dry oats
1 tsp. Baker's chocolate (that's what I had on hand but I'm sure any chocolate would do)
1 T. sweetened coconut flakes (about 8 g.)
1 1/2 packs Equal (I use the generic brand)
Total calories

Just make the oatmeal according to the directions, add the other stuff when it's done & voila!  It's not that sweet b/c I don't really like the taste of the artificial sweetner, but if you wanted to add more sweetner I'm sure you could make it sweeter.  Now the hardest part of this whole thing was figuring out how much coconut flakes to use.  Unfortunately I have a scale to weigh my food, but it's just a really basic one so I couldn't figure out the real grams of the coconut flakes, but I had ground them up a bit so I compared the consistency to cocoa powder & went with that. 

Yesterday was an interesting day.  My calories logged in at only 1221, the lowest I've had since I started & I was seriously considering a snack when I ran across one of Katie's blog posts where she said she ate less calories that day since she didn't exercise & so I thought.  Well, I don't need a snack.  I didn't exercise today & therefore I didn't create a deficit of calories & so, no snack for me.  Of course it wasn't a punishment or anything like that.  I just reasoned that I didn't need the extra calories, it's not like I was hungry or anything & so I didn't have a nightly snack.  Usually I see that I have extra calories & so I just go for it, but thanks to Katie, I just let it go.  And you know what?  I survived.  I totally lived through NOT having a nightly snack, yay me! 

Lastly, I hate that I don't have any pictures to post today, so instead of my pics I am going to leave you with a great pic of Tiffany. It's very inspiring to read what she says about these pictures & dang if she doesn't look great!  Love her!!!!!!

She had already started losing weight in this picture.

This is her after losing 119 freaking lbs!! She is gorgeous don't you think??!!

So how did you guys do yesterday?  Any good recipes you want to share??

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