Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly weigh in #1

Ok so techinically it hasn't been a week, but I've decided that Sunday is going to be my official weigh in day & on the scale I went this morning. Now mind you I wasn't expecting a whole lot b/c of my very random eating habits these last few days (including last night when hubs & I went to a Christmas party where A LOT of Crown was inhaled consumed). So when I got on the scale this morning & it said 280 I was ok with it.

Yes that's 3 lbs in 6 days, but honestly I was hoping for at least 5 lbs this week. Like I said, I can't blame anyone but myself, but hey 3 lbs is still a move in the right direction right?

I would list what I ate yesterday, but what's the point. After dinner my calories were shot to hades & back from the Crown & few little appetizers thingies I ate (ie. cheese/crackers, some deli meat, a meatball). Hey it could have been much worse, there were some pretty awesome chicken wings that I forced myself to forgo.

Here are some pictures from the party:

Previous weight 283
Today's weight 280
- 3 lbs

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