Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4 (Measurements & stuff)

Ok, so I finally caught up with the day.  Today I have decided to go ahead & list my measurements.  I will track those along with my 20 lbs weight loss.  So for every 20 lbs I'll also list my measurements. 

Small confession.  I still haven't added in exercise yet.  I can't find my dance dvd.  I may try to look something up on Youtube.  Surely there's a workout video on there that I can do for a while.  I'm sure that dvd is around here somewhere though, I just have to locate it. 

So here goes:

Calves:  L  - 16 3/4 inches  R - 15 3/4
Thighs: L - 28   R - 27
Neck: 16 inches
Waist: 46
Hips: 58 (Whoa!!)
Bust: 50 1/2
Biceps: R - 17 3/4 L - 16 3/4

Wow, I can't believe how big those measurements are!  And just because I am such a completely obsessed freak huge fan & follower of Tiffany's, I wanted to list her measurements as well.  Just to compare ya know?  So here are her measurements at the beginning of her journey:

Biceps: 21''
Forearms: 13''
Neck: 15''
Chest (incl. boobage): 51''
Stomach: 50''
Hips: 61''
Thighs: 38''
Calves: 22''

It's interesting to look at her measurements at around 325 lbs & see how close some of them are to my measurements at two hundred & seventy something lbs.  It's amazing how a few inches in height can make all the difference doesn't it?  She is 5'10 & I'm a measly 5'5 (almoooost 5'6 but not really).  I've never really wished for height until now.  Anyhoo, it is what it is.

I got my school schedule today for this semester & found out that I will have the hardest part of my semester at the beginning half (this semester is divided into 2 sets of clinicals) & I'm not sure if that's going to help me or hinder me with my eating.  I plan on bringing my lunches to school this semester.  Last semester I ate at school a lot, but that wasn't really helping my waist line or my pocketbook (I suddenly turned into an 80 year old woman).  This semester I am going to completely steal one of Tiffany's ideas, AGAIN take a page out of Tiffany's weight loss strategy & try to plan all of my meal's for the week ahead of time & take them to school with me.  I don't mind eating the same thing for a week.  I'm better with structure than trying to come up with something on my own. 

Last night I went through this cookbook that my neighbor had given me called Simply Delicious by Weight Watcher's. 

Simply Delicious: Winning Points Cookbook

I found some pretty good appetizer/finger food items that I really think would work well for lunches.  And the good thing is, since they're appetizers they make enough servings for me to make ahead & then have for the whole week for lunch.  We'll see how they work out.  If I like them I'll be sure to post them on here for you guys!! (Don't know who I'm talking to at this point, lol). 

So, what have I been eating lately?  Well, let me pull out my phone & fire up my trusty app & I'll share what I ate yesterday:

2 Eggs, fried w/half a slice of cheese & some onions (Butter flavored Pam spray)
Coffee w/1 1/2 T of Almond Joy Creamer (I was going for 1 T, but I oversplashed)
1 piece of toast w/1 tsp butter
325 calories

2 cups of Bear Creek Creamy potato soup (SUPER DELISH!!)
5 black olives
345 calories

1 cup sauteed yellow squash & onions w/oil & lemon pepper seasoning
1 baked chicken leg quarter
360 calories


Light Cherry nonfat yogurt
1 bowl of Malt O'Meal Frosted Flakes w/one cup of milk (I buy full fat for my kids, they won't drink any other kind, but I'm going to start back on my 1% to save me some serious calories.)
511 calories

Total calories yesterday was 1541.  My max calorie count is 1800, so I was happy that I was able to eat less & still be satisfied.  :)  **doing the happy dance**

I drank 8 cups of water & did no exercise, but hey I'm getting there!!

How did everyone else do??

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