Friday, January 4, 2013

Thank you stomach flu...(January 1, 2013)

Yesterday Alei & I ran into a nice little stomach bug.  Happy New Year's Eve to us! 

We both woke up with really bad stomach cramps, vomiting & you know what.  Needless to say we didn't eat that much & only enjoyed some Gingerale to settle our stomachs.  So, with the combination of all of those things I lost 5 lbs!! Yes, I got on the scale just to see if I had lost weight since not eating.  And yes, I know that this weight isn't permanent, but I couldn't help myself.  Today I am thankful to report that I am feeling much better.

So, on to the New Year's day "resolution" post...

As I prepare to go into 2013 I am not really going to make any "resolutions" persay, but I am going to try & set up some goals for my weight loss.  Every month I am going to try & set some goals for myself, so here goes:

In January:

* I plan to eat more fresh fruits & vegetables.  I am REALLY bad at this. 
* Come up with some new recipes for the whole family that DON'T include anything from a box.
* Try to incorporate some exercise into my routine.  Right now it's pretty cold outside & the prospect of doing anything in this weather isn't really appealing to me, but I do have this dance/aerobic video that I guess I can dust off.  The plus side to that is that Alei likes to do that with me, so it'll be good for both of us.
* Incorporate some light weights into my routine every day.  I will admit right now, cardio is NOT my favorite form of exercise.  I like to swim & I like to ride my bike, but walking/running, ugh not so much.  But I also know that weight training is a good thing, so my goal for January is to do SOME form of weight training EVERY day, starting today.
* I want to weigh 269 lbs by the end of this month.  That will be a 10 lb weight loss & I have really set my sights on a 2 lb a week weight loss, so that should be doable right?  We'll see....

Ok so those are my goals for January.  We'll see how I do. 

And lastly, here are some reasons why I have finally made the decision to take my health/weight seriously in 2013...

* I want to be able to wear cute clothes and HEELS!

I love Reese, don't you!

* I want to be healthy so that I can live a long life for my children.

* I don't want to be a fat nurse.  I think it's kind of hypocritical to try & talk to people about being healthy when I am obviously not.

* I know that I'll be looking for a job in 2014 & I don't need my weight to be a hinderance to my job hunt.  And if you think I'm worrying about nothing then read this:

And let me tell you that is just ONE article in a bunch that talks about the fact that obese women are discriminated against in the job hunt. 

* And lastly, I am getting older & I can feel that my body is suffering the wear & tear of all of this weight on it. 

So, that's my New Year's day post, I'm sure as I go along this journey I will come up with more reasons that I want to lose weight but for now this will do. 

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL 2013 & that all our dreams come true!

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