Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 9 Getting nervous & exercising

So, I may or may not have mentioned before that I am a full time, BSN nursing student.  It's actually one of my motivating factors for wanting to lose this weight.  But, today I was thinking about the fact that school starts in 8 days & it got me a little nervous.  When I started this journey I was on break from school.  Therefore I haven't really left my house in the almost month that I've been watching my calories (Ok I've left my house, I mean I'm not a hermit, but you know what I mean, I haven't had to be away from home for meals).  I don't know about you, but this makes counting calories so much easier.  I am able to make fresh lunches and get all of my water in.  But, knowing that school is about to start has me a bit nervous. My plan is to obviously take a page from Tiffany & bring my lunches/snacks with me when I go back to school, but I have to admit, being in a group is one of my triggers.  I'm that girl that wants to go out to eat along with whatever else we're doing.  Example:  We have a study group, I want to meet at the deli to study so that we can grab something to eat.  We're going to the movies - Well of course we need to meet up early to grab some dinner first, and then still indulge in some popcorn & a cherry coke.  You want to go for a healthy hike?  Wouldn't adding a picnic to that make it even better?  You get the picture right?  I'm that girl.  I'm the fat girl who wants to add eating to EVERYTHING. So, of course going back to school with ALL the millions of eating places right at my disposal is a bit of a trigger for me.  On top of the fact that my nursing bestie never brings his lunch, so we usually end up going to the student union to get something to eat.  Now, I know you're thinking "Well, just take your food with you to the student union building" & I will.  BUT, I'm also that girl that doesn't like to be left out.  And when I see other people buying lunch then I want to buy lunch too.  I guess that sounds stupid huh?  Anyhoo, I know I'm borrowing trouble before it gets here (I'm horrible at that), and I know that the only way to get through this semester without totally blowing my new healthy way of eating is to be prepared, so I guess I need to do that.  I guess planning is going to become my new best friend.  I am going to seriously have to plan out not only my lunches, but also our dinners, on top of full time nursing school.  Ok, starting to get a little stressed, going to stop obsessing now. 

On to the topic of exercising. Something cool I saw on Katie's blog today really clicked with me.  She was posting about losing weight & I guess she has lost weight a couple of times but she posted a picture of her at the same weight two different times.  Both times she weighed 153 lbs (I can't find the stupid post, but when I do I'll link to it) but the first time she weighed that much she did it w/o exercising & at that time she wore a size 14.  The 2nd time she weighed that much she was running & she wore a size 4/6.  Now, that really hit home with me.  I mean I know I've said I'm a calories in/calories out girl & I just really didn't think that exercising would make that much of a difference.  I know plenty of people that have lost weight just w/counting calories alone, BUT to see how much of a difference there was in her at the same weight w/exercising REALLY opened my eyes to the fact that I NEED to be exercising.  I mean what's the point of losing 100 lbs if I'm still not going to be at my best?  Sooo, I guess I'm going to sit down & really plot out my work out routine.  As I stated above, I start back to school full time in 8 days, so it's going to have to be something that I can incorporate into my schedule.  Fortunately my school has an AWESOME gym (I mean, so I hear, I haven't actually been in there) which I have full access too.  So, maybe I can somehow incorporate that into my workout plan.  Whatever it is, I'll let you know once I figure it out, but I know now, that working out is not an optional thing.  I want to be the best 178 lb person I can be!! 

What about you?  What kind of exercise do you do?

What I ate today:

English muffin
1 Egg, with a small amt of onion & tomato
Taco sauce
Calories 210

Veggie Chik Patty w/bun
1 T Light Mayo
Calories 295

Black beans & rice w/turkey smoked sausage
2/3 cup corn
Calories 390

Coffee w/cream 70 calories (next time I'm going to buy a lighter version for creamer)
1 Cutie
1/2 c. Baby carrots w/1/2 T. Ranch
1 T. Heath Bits o' brickle
Calories 326

Total calories for today 1221


  1. Best of Luck on your journey; I'm starting mine over again! FogDog Weight Loss

    1. Thank you!! You too, I'll be sure to check out your blog as well & we can encourage each other. Thank for being my first follower!!