Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21...Dinner ideas?

Ok so being back in school has really thrown me for a loop. 

While I was out of school it was so easy to make great, healthy lunches & dinners, but now that I'm back in school full time I can see this is going to take a little more preparation.  Not so much for the lunches, but definitely for the dinners.  Getting home from being in school all day long is leaving me too tired to devote much energy into making a healthy dinner.  On top of the fact that I have 6 Chapters to read, math calculations to do etc.  Definitely going to have to make a menu & enlist the help of my trusty crock pot.  Also, I'm thinking maybe I could at least cook all the meat for the week on Sunday.

Like say brown the ground beef that I might use, go ahead & cook any chicken breasts that I may use & then just put them in the fridge & pull them out as I need them during the week. Something's gonna have to give, I can't keep eating out & not being able to track my calories fully. 

Any good ideas??


  1. Give your ideas a try and see which one works best for your self and your schedule. I am finding it is all about trial and error. Good Luck

  2. Hi Candi, found your blog from another and thought I'd drop a comment.

    My Weight Watchers leader introduced me to something she calls "bedrock dishes", and although sounding quite unappetising it's a good idea. The trick is to think of foods you like and develop a common bedrock they all share.

    For example I like chilli, bolognese, lasagne, shepherd/cottage pie (I don't think you have these in the states though). The bedrock here is a common sauce made with minced beef (or ground beef for you), onions, tomatoes and seasoning. I can cook up a large batch of that and freeze it off in portions. From that I can add bacon/carrots/celery to make bolognese, or mushrooms/celery for lasagne, peppers/beans/chillies for chilli etc.

    It's not quite the same as cooking the proper dish from scratch each time, but it's close and certainly a lot easier.

    1. Totally love this idea. And yes, we have shepherd's pie :)