Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17 Back to school...

Today was my first day back to school and wouldn't you know it, we had a potluck breakfast.  So I was a little worried about it but I actually did really well (or so I thought!).  I avoided the donuts, chocolate chip cookies, coffee cakes and muffins.  That was until I found these sweet little pieces of pure heaven!!!!

They're called "mini" orange muffins & I was thinking, how bad could they be?  Even though when you picked them up you could FEEL how dense they were, AND the fact that they were made by The Pioneer Woman (who never reveals the calories in her recipes!) So I quickly did the calculations and figured they were probably about 50 calories a piece and then proceeded to pop four of these little suckers in my mouth.  I am NOT lying when I say you could hear angels singing!!  YUMMMM!!  I went ahead & did a "quick add" on MFP for 200 calories & decided that I'd look the recipe when I got home to figure out how many calories they really had. Welllllll let's just say my calculations were FREAKING MAJORLY  a teensy bit off.  After I added in the TWO sticks of butter, 1 CUP of white sugar AND brown sugar, plus the other stuff, these little pieces of deliciousness came in at a whopping 109 calories a piece!! And did I mention they were MINI muffins??!!  Whew, well luckily I decided to do a little bit of aerobics tonight so my total calories for today came in at a total of 1542 (net of 1338).  I mean seriously, I could have eaten them all.  And I was sooo close to escaping all the goodies until I had those!  Even so, I'd say I did pretty good :)  And since my calories were all over the place yesterday & today I'll spare you my food log.  But, I still came in under as far as I can tell. 
Tomorrow is my 2nd day of school, but luckily I get out at 12:15 so it shouldn't be very hard to keep my calories under control.  I'm also going to try & do that aerobic routine at least 2 more times before my weigh in on Sunday. 
Anyhoo, time to go teach my baby girl how to play chess (again) & I probably should grab a couple more glasses of water, I only got in 6 today.  Oh! And I'll also leave you with a picture of my cute new lunch box!!
Isn't that cute!! It also came with 2 containers inside :)

Hope you have a great weekend planned!!


  1. Good job avoiding all those breakfast treats! Have a great weekend!

  2. I often do that. Think I am making a good decision only to find out I was "off" Love the new bag hope it motivates you to bring your lunch

    1. It's always more motivation when you have something cute to carry isn't it? :)