Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 16 Are you really committed?

Today someone said something that really got me to thinking.  How committed am I?  Over the years I'll admit I have started a new "diet" about 1,469,543 times (give or take a few).  And I've probably failed at said diet 1,469,543 times.  So what's different about now?  How committed am I now?  I have to say I'm pretty sure this time I'm ALL IN.  I don't know where this sudden committment to changing my life has come from, but I'm glad it's here.  Today I heard someone say that they were going to "take a week off", and I wondered, how do you take a week off of living healthy?  How do you take a week off of counting your calories & watching what you eat?  If you're truly committed, you don't.  At least I don't see myself doing that.  To me, allowing myself "a week off" is like saying that this isn't a real change.  That this is just a temporary fix, to a very big problem.  But the truth is, this isn't something I'm doing for now, this is it.  This is my new way of life, period.  This isn't a diet, it isn't a fad, it's a new me.  A me that cares how much I'm eating and how many calories I'm consuming on a daily basis. And don't get me wrong, I'm not judging that person, we're all on our own journey.  But when I saw that I thought "How many 'breaks' have I taken over the years?"  And how many of those "breaks" turned out to be more like totally giving up & never returning again?  That "week off" turned into 2 weeks, then 3 and before you know it I was up another 20 lbs.  Not this time!! I don't care WHAT happens in my life, this is it.  THIS is the new me.  The old me is dead & gone.  Gone is the bingeing on a million calories.  Gone is the 2 Route 44 sweet tea's a day.  Gone is the excuses of "I'll just have ONE more (which turns into the whole pack)".  I can't go back.  At this point I can ONLY go forward.

I know where going back leads & I don't want to live there anymore. 

So, while I hope that this person truly does come back after their "week off", I have to wonder, how much of a change is that if you can take a week off from it??

What about you?  Do you think taking a week off is ok?  Maybe I'm just being too strict.


  1. I am in the same boat you are and feel that I am ALL in this time around. Things are different this time around. I really can't explain it. I don't agree with the saying of "taking time off" I feel you can have little indulgences as long as you are still staying true to your healthy lifestyle

    1. Me either. Maybe once I reach goal I can cut myself some slack, but I've been overweight for this many years, I know that I'm probably going to have to be pretty vigilant for the rest of my life. Maybe not as strict as I'm being now, but I am going to always have to be aware of what I'm putting in my mouth.

  2. It depends on the definition of "week off". To me if it means going on a 5000 calorie a day bender for an entire week, then No, I don't think that's good. But if it means "not going to count calories and focus entirely on losing weight for the week" then that might be okay. It also depends on timing. I wouldn't be taking a break after my first 10 days of change, but maybe after 2 or 3 months I might cut myself a break for a week.
    -FogDog Weight Loss

  3. Yeah I don't think this person meant they were going on a bender, just that they were going to take a week off of counting calories. I agree with you though. Definitely after you've been doing this for a while & kind of have a handle on this I can see taking a "break" if you want to, but for me personally this would just lead down the road right back to being 283 lbs. I have to be vigilant from now until I'm at goal weight. THEN maybe I can give myself a little "break".