Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6 Weekly Weigh in & FAB new yogurt!!

So today is weekly weigh in day, and I have to admit that after my little binge last night I was kind of worried what the scale would say this morning, but lo & behold -3 lbs!!  Woohoo, down another three lbs this week.  Pretty good & on track with my goal of 2 lbs per week :)

So about my binge last night.  As I said in the title, I found THE most amazing yogurt at Kroger's last night.  It's called Noosa. (which then caused me the little binge I mentioned earlier) 
The version I bought came with fruit on the bottom & it contained 2 servings at 130 calories each.  Now I know that this is high for yogurt but truthfully this ain't your every day, eat for breakfast kind of yogurt.  This is a thick, creamy, delicious dream.  This is something I will buy as a treat.  Guys, it is SOO good.  Now let me interject here and say that I'm not really a yogurt fan.  I will eat it, but it's not something that I really want to eat.  But this is altogether something else.  I love the consistency and the taste is like a fresh cream dream, it's what I think all yogurt should taste like (but doesn't).  It's made in Colorado & is touted as being Australian-style & if that's the case then I want to try more food from Australia cause this is the BOMB!!  All that to say, it. is. delish!!  Seriously you should try it, just remember that it contains 2 servings per container.  And if that hasn't sold you on trying it then click here & read the rave reviews from others:
Wow, I should really get at least a free yogurt from the Noosa people for that endorsement ;)
So for this whole weekly weigh in thing I'd like to try & post what I've learned that week and since I just now came up with that as I type the words, I'm not really sure if I'm ready this week but let me sit here & rack my brain.....Ok here goes:
What I learned this week:
* Small choices equal big results - This week I have to say that I have done pretty amazing with my eating.  As I look back over the week I do see that there are days that I went over my 1800 calories, but there were also days that I stayed under (I'm kind of thinking about going down to 1700).  The main thing that stuck with me this week though was about choices.  We all have those days when we think "Oh this one candy bar today won't hurt me" or this one slice of pizza or whatever it may be and you know what? We're right, BUT therein lies the trap that we have been ensnared in that has caused us to be the weight we are now.  For instance, last night as I was checking out at the grocery store I was REALLY wanting something sweet.  I knew from my tracking that although I was done eating meals for the day that I still had 350 calories left. So I stood at the check out line for I KNOW a good two full minutes looking at every candy bar in the checkout aisle & comparing the calorie count to see which one I could have & just eat half & still be ok.  So here I am searching for that magic candy bar that had the fewest calories all the while telling myself that "just this once" would be ok.  But isn't it the "just this once's" (new word for ya!) that get us in trouble?  If I did "just this once" last night, then am I really taking a step forward or a step back?  And that's what this journey is about, it's about a million little tiny steps FORWARD.  I've done the whole stepping back thing & guess where it landed me?  At 283 lbs.  All those "just this once's" add up to extra pounds in the end.  Well, lo & behold my inner skinny girl spoke up & said "You can have a kiwi when you leave, that's sweet".  And by gosh my fat self listened!! I put the candy bars down & left the store and do you know what I ate when I got home?  The Noosa above.  AND guess what else?  That Noosa was SO good (which by now you already know) that I WANTED to eat the WHOLE container, which would have been 260 calories, but again my inner skinny spoke up & said "You have your weigh in in the morning,  you don't need to eat the whole thing tonight.  BUT if you wait, you can have it for breakfast in the morning, AFTER you weigh in".  Darn that skinny girl, where did she come from anyway?  But again, my fat self listened!  And after a few bites, which satisfried my sweet craving, I put that Noosa right in the refrigerator where it stayed until this morning after I weighed in, and then devoured it!  All in all I learned that little choices in both directions WILL add up.  Little choices in the wrong direction lead you toward 283 lbs & little choices in the RIGHT direction, leads you to a 3 lb loss in one week.  Pretty good if I do say so myself.  Yay for learning something & for being introduced to my inner skinny!!
What about you?  What did you learn this week? 

Previous weight 279
Today's weight 276
- 3 lbs
Total weight loss
-7 lbs

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