Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 31...February Goals...

Today is the last day of January (can you believe we're already one month down in 2013?!!) & so I decided to revisit my goals for this month.  Here is the list of goals I made at the beginning of the month & how I did with sticking to them:

* I plan to eat more fresh fruits & vegetables. I am REALLY bad at this. I have to say I probably did pretty good on this one.  I'd say that was accomplished.

* Come up with some new recipes for the whole family that DON'T include anything from a box.
I did really good with this one, well until school started.  I tried out several really good recipes that DIDN'T come from a box & all in all I will definitely be incorporating those into our family "menu".  I'd say goal was accomplished.

* Try to incorporate some exercise into my routine. Right now it's pretty cold outside & the prospect of doing anything in this weather isn't really appealing to me, but I do have this dance/aerobic video that I guess I can dust off. The plus side to that is that Alei likes to do that with me, so it'll be good for both of us.
Ok this one did NOT turn out so well.  Although I did do some exercise a few times I did not in any way make this a weekly habit.  Goal definitely not accomplished.

* Incorporate some light weights into my routine every day. I will admit right now, cardio is NOT my favorite form of exercise. I like to swim & I like to ride my bike, but walking/running, ugh not so much. But I also know that weight training is a good thing, so my goal for January is to do SOME form of weight training EVERY day, starting today.
Uh, not even close!!  Goal not accomplished.

* I want to weigh 269 lbs by the end of this month. That will be a 10 lb weight loss & I have really set my sights on a 2 lb a week weight loss, so that should be doable right? We'll see....
Well I got on the scale this morning & even though I was so close, there was no cigar.  And no I'm not beating myself up about this b/c I know I will get there, but to be so close.....Oh well.  Goal not accomplished.

So 2 out of 5 of my goals were accomplished for January and all in all I'm pretty pleased with my progress.  I have good days & bad days, but as long as the good ones outweigh the bad ones that's all I can strive for. 

Tomorrow starts a new month & with a new month comes some new goals.  Here are my goals for February:

  • I plan to continue with my fruits and vegetables.  I'd like to try to get in at least 3 servings of fruit & 5 servings of vegetables each day. 
  • I want to incorporate exercise into my week.  My goal for February is to exercise 3 times a week.  No time limit, just three times a week for every week in February.
  • I'd like to plan some menu's so that I can get a better grip on my eating in the evenings since school has started back. 
  • And lastly I'd like to weigh 260 by the end of the month. 
So, what are your monthly goals for February?


  1. I think this was great rexanoning your old goals! That is a great idea to keep track of them.

    I think my biggest goal for February is to eat more fruit, pick up my exercise, and continue to work on sleeping better.

    1. You know you'd think it would be easy to get in your servings of fruit. I mean it's yummy, but it's harder than people think, especially to get it in every day.

  2. ^ re-examining, sorry autocorrect

  3. Love this idea! I have been doing my old work out DVD's too while the weather is so crummy!

    1. Yep, I have GOT to start incorporating some exercise. It will be especially helpful on those days that I go over on my calorie limit, kind of balance it out.