Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7, maximum overload...

This post is definitely for the ladies (not that I have any fellows following, heck for that matter I don't have any ladies either, lol). Yesterday was a day, and not just any day. I swear I felt like I was STARVING all day! Now, the old me would have just eaten mindlessly all day long, which would have resulted in no telling how many mindless calories, but I have changed, no seriously I have! While I definitely went over my alloted calories for yesterday I was still mindful of what I was eating, AND I kept track of it. I knew that I was eating more than I needed & my skinny self, let's call her skinny Minnie shall we? Even Minnie was trying to tell me that I wasn't hungry & didn't really NEED to eat, but this time I totally didn't listen. I couldn't figure out why I was constantly at the fridge. But, I went with it, made some mindful choices & did end up eating over 1800 calories yesterday. What, you're wondering did I eat? Well, let me share with you exactly what I had yesterday:
Noosa blueberry yogurt (DELISH!)
260 calories
2 Tostada's w/beans, tomatoes, olives, onions, jalapenos & Taco sauce (again delish!)
1 cutie
287 calories
Doesn't that look delicious? It is!

Cheeseburger w/bun, light mayo, ketchup, tomato & onion
Baked potato fries
643 calories
2 servings of imitation crab meat
1 salad w/lettuce, tomato, olives, & onion
1 english muffin w/smart balance & SF (sugar free) Strawberry Preserves
2 roasted marshmallows
Bowl of frosted flakes w/whole milk
1 cutie
Tropical punch Greek Yogurt
1078 calories
Total calories consumed for yesterday 2228 (428 over my allowed amount)
So, as I went to bed last night I was pondering the days events & wondering what in the world would cause me to #1 ignore my inner skinny Minnie & #2 to feel SO FREAKING HUNGRY all day long! And then it hit me like a ton of bricks, duh! It was that time of the month. Yesterday was the first day of my cycle, and honestly I have NEVER even considered that causing a change in my attitude, behavior, or well anything really. But what I figured out was, when you're ALWAYS mindlessly eating, how do you differentiate when it's out of the norm? You can't, because THAT is the norm! Sooo, yesterday was quite an epiphany for me. I actually realized that this time of the month causes some food triggers that I was never aware of before. I mean seriously guys, I am not tooting my own horn, but I feel like I have done really well with my eating. Even listening to Minnie when she tells me I don't need to eat/overeat something, but yesterday was just beastly. But I went to bed feeling so happy, knowing that there was a reason for my "hunger". There was a reason that I was constantly at the refrigerator. And it made me so happy to realize that I was actually thinking about it, I wasn't just eating until I couldn't eat anymore, I was eating, but trying to make better choices & also I was actually trying to process where this "hunger" was coming from. How exciting is that?! I still have control, even when my body is giving me major signs to do otherwise. That was a big step for me. So now I just need to be aware that when those days come to maybe be prepared. If I know that I'm going to crave a few more meals that day then I just need to plan ahead so that I can indulge in more chewing time with less caloric intake. That makes sense doesn't it? Anyway, I was totally excited to realize that I am starting to actually get in tune with my body & actually listen to it. Something I've never done before. And I'm happy too to see that this may well become a learning process that I wasn't expecting, and I love to learn new things. Way cool!
So, what about you? Have you learned anything new on your weight loss adventure?

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  1. Great job Candi, it does pay to be prepared. Thanks for pointing me to this post